What I Did

What I did: September 8

Last night I went to bed lusting over the idea of having a fancy bagel with cream cheese from Rockstar Bagels. Sadly that didn’t happen this morning when I woke up. One day though!

Instead, I ended up putting on a face mask and making breakfast at home.


I made myself a banana coffee smoothie with cinnamon and topped it off with some shreaded coconut. The sack of mushrooms I bought in bulk started molding, so I settled for baked sweet potato fries. If you have any tips on how to store mushrooms in a paper bag, let me know! I thought having it sealed on the counter was fine, but apparently not because it created moisture inside and started to mold 😦

Now that it’s September, the weather has cooled a bit, but not cool enough to wear flannel sadly. It’s OK though because I’m definitely feeling the `70s trend that’s been happening this summer.


Today’s outfit:
Tank and bandana from Madewell
Circle skirt from American Apparel
Sandals from Sperry’s

What Sam Buys

Lush & Jeffrey Campbell haul

I love Lush and was in the market for facial cleanser. Recently I’ve been using Neutrogena’s oil-free acne wash in pink grapefruit foaming scrub. I’ve had the value-size bottle for years and have been trying to use it up. I’ve always known that micro beads were bad, but I assumed it was just bad to use on your skin. It wasn’t until the other night that I learned it was also bad for the environment after seeing this video while I was on a Lush YouTube hole. So I’ve been debating on whether I should toss out the remainder of my acne wash and waste product to be more environmentally cautious and help protect the environment. On one hand, I’m using up product I already have while dumping more micro plastic beads into the ocean; but on the other, I’m wasting product and money already spent.

I decided to pull the trigger and stop by my local Lush store to find my new favorite facial cleanser. After having a mini pow-wow with one of the Lush consultants, I decided on Angels on Bare Skin and took a sample of Movis. I already have a lavender theme going on with my skincare routine — I use Lush’s Imperialis and Eau Roma Water — so Angels on Bare Skin made sense since it contains lavender.

I also treated myself and picked up Lullaby to hopefully combat the dandruff I’ve been having and Happy Happy Joy Joy because frankly I got suckered into the smell and was about to need some new conditioner soon.

As a “hello! hi! we’re nice and super friendly” gesture, my Lush lady also gave me a generous sample of Mask of Magnaminty since yes, I was about to buy a lot, but also because we got into a conversation about face masks and bonded over how satisfying it was to have a face tingle and smell like chocolate mint chip.

I’m taking my boyfriend to Lush for his birthday next week, and just FYI I might have to pick up Sleepy because I sampled it and fell in love with the oats and lavender (yes, I’m a sucker) but couldn’t bring myself to buy it this go-around.

But can we talk about my new shoes now?

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