What I Did

What I did: Tuesday, July 18

I woke up today with the desire to skip the gym and hop into the pool, book in hand. I’m in between books right now btw because I finished Double Cup of Love and can’t decide if I want to read Kitchen Confidential or Girl in the Woods. I meant to bring Girl in the Woods with me to the pool, but ended up accidentally leaving it behind and reading Kitchen Confidential instead (bless the bf for bringing a couple of books down to the pool). Within an hour it became unbearably hot, and we headed back inside.

Later, I did adult things like change out the dead bulb in my car’s break light compartment and got a car inspection. I congratulated myself for doing such things by going to the nearby plant nursery to pick up some plants and ended up with two succulents. Let’s hope I keep these alive this time. Names still TBD.


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