What Sam Eats

Salt and Pepper Roasted Cauliflower

It’s been a while, internet friends!

I recently switched roles at work, so I’ve been a bit stressed out and lazy lately. I’m still here though! This is my little hobby after all 🙂

Recently, I’ve craving salt and pepper squid (a must-order at Asian restaurants) but have been too lazy to prepare squid for the first time and not in the mood to eat out. So next best thing was for me to make a cauliflower version because 1. roasted cauliflower is so versatile 2. cauliflower wings brings back the mems and 3. this was is a quick way to satiate my craving. Continue reading

What Sam Eats

Sautéed mushrooms with garlic and greens

After about three weeks of eating out, I knew I wanted to go back to cooking my meals, but I’ve become so removed from cooking at home that I didn’t know what I wanted to cook nor did I feel up for cooking anything remotely complicated. So this week I’m eating sautĂ©ed mushrooms with garlic, brown rice, and whatever greens I’m in the mood for.

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What Sam Eats


Breakfast (or lunch considering how I usually get out of bed around 12 a.m.) is my favorite meal to cook. I’ve gotten it down to a science, really. About three to four months ago I had the great idea to have make my interpretation of an English breakfast by incorporating baked beans and sautĂ©ed mushrooms with whatever else I was craving that week. After having eaten almost the same meal every day, my breakfast go-to includes a combination of:

  • baked beans
  • baked sweet potato fries
  • sauerkraut
  • sautĂ©ed mushrooms with garlic
  • bacon
  • green onion and spinach egg omelette (or scramble if the omelette breaks!)
  • English muffins with jam or hummus
  • sunny-side up egg
  • small salad
  • green or fruit smoothie

What’s your go-to breakfast?