What I Did, What Sam Eats

TBT: Brunch at Sawyer & Co.

It’s toward the end of the week, and I still can’t stop thinking about brunch last Sunday. My favorite part of brunch? Spending time with my friends lol. Though food and mimosas are also a plus.

If you never been to Sawyer & Co., it’s a cute, retro New Orleans meets Austin restaurant with a Luby’s-type vibe. Their biscuits are amazing, and the Frito Pie Benedict I had were like two of my favorite things combined: Frito Pies and runny yokes.


The outside patio is probably one of my favs. I can’t remember a better patio I’ve been to quite frankly. Astroturf, mismatched patio furniture, diner booths, plants — it’s great. We even went a little crazy with the camera and used a whole pack of film afterward.

I even wore my favorite gingham top for the occasion. It’s cooling down in Texas, y’all! Also, if anyone knows how to take care of suede shoes, let me know please! Here’s the deets if y’all want to know what I’m wearing in these polaroids.


Top: Madewell
Skift: J. Crew
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


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