What I Did

Hey, stranger

It’s been a while! I swear I’m still here though. I’ve just been taking it easy and forgetting to document my life. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to lately:



  1. New month, new spread. This month’s theme is yellow. I messed up on the header and had to do some crafty surgery. Whoops. It adds character, I guess….except that I also messed up my habit tracker by leaving out day 13 on accident. I guess I don’t like the number 13 because it happened again elsewhere 😩


2. I’m an aspiring Lushie. I’ve been taking longer (think 3 hours) baths lately. It’s that relaxing! It’s become ceremonious: Pick a Lush bath product, run half of it through the running hot water, dip in, and sink into a warm, private sea of aroma and colors. If Lush ever gives me the chance to work with them, I’m down!


3. I finished reading Girl in the Woods…finally. It’s soooooo good. Highly recommend it, especially for women of this generation. Now that I finished it, I don’t know what to do anymore. There’s a voiddddddd.




4. I’ve been on a little shopping spree! This weekend I bit the bullet and bought some prints to hang in my living room from Society6, bought this sick hoodie from Eggie, and these hot gray velvet Chelsea boots, a new umbrella, and a square-neck tank bodysuit from Madewell, my new lover.

5. Speaking of new umbrella, my favorite and only umbrella I had (this one also from Madewell) was destroyed last week while going to my car from the office parking lot. Thank you, Harvey! Despite my loss, many people are offering their support to Houston to help those who have lost more than I have with my umbrella. I haven’t donated much money or time to causes I support, but I figured it’s not too late to start and if I were going to donate to anything, it’d be to my hometown. JJ Watt’s been crowdfunding donations to give back straight to the victims. Others and I have donated more than $20 million since this post published. If you can, please help increase the amount by donating here.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to for the past week. I’m off to start prepping dinner!



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