What I did: September 8

Last night I went to bed lusting over the idea of having a fancy bagel with cream cheese from Rockstar Bagels. Sadly that didn’t happen this morning when I woke up. One day though!

Instead, I ended up putting on a face mask and making breakfast at home.


I made myself a banana coffee smoothie with cinnamon and topped it off with some shreaded coconut. The sack of mushrooms I bought in bulk started molding, so I settled for baked sweet potato fries. If you have any tips on how to store mushrooms in a paper bag, let me know! I thought having it sealed on the counter was fine, but apparently not because it created moisture inside and started to mold 😦

Now that it’s September, the weather has cooled a bit, but not cool enough to wear flannel sadly. It’s OK though because I’m definitely feeling the `70s trend that’s been happening this summer.


Today’s outfit:
Tank and bandana from Madewell
Circle skirt from American Apparel
Sandals from Sperry’s

Sautéed mushrooms with garlic and greens

Sautéed mushrooms with garlic and greens

After about three weeks of eating out, I knew I wanted to go back to cooking my meals, but I’ve become so removed from cooking at home that I didn’t know what I wanted to cook nor did I feel up for cooking anything remotely complicated. So this week I’m eating sautéed mushrooms with garlic, brown rice, and whatever greens I’m in the mood for.

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