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Easy rabokki

I wanna thank my sister for introducing me to one of my favorite Korean dishes. It’s the perfect combination of ramen, tteokbokki (always a winner), and whatever toppings you want to add. If you love spicy food, rice cakes, and fish cakes, this one’s for you. If you don’t, you’re missing out.


It’s a meal you can easily put together when you’re feeling lazy and crave something warm and comforting — aka me last night. I’ve been craving rabokki for almost a week now and finally went to my Korean grocery store to pick up dried kelp and tteok (the Korean rice cakes).



The recipe I follow is from My Korean Kitchen. It’s been modified though to exclude the anchovies because I don’t want to buy them and low-key feel like it would be a waste to just use it for dashi and toss ’em out. I also didn’t have fresh garlic on hand, so I used good ole garlic powder, which did the trick.

Also also also when I say easy and lazy, I really mean it. I make this all in one large pan. I boil the kelp-infused water in the pan, leave the kelp in the boiling water for the second boil (and subsequently in the dish because it tastes great rehydrated, and I’d feel bad for tossing it), add the sauce mix, and then add the remaining ingredients. There’s minimal fuss, and I love it.

If you try this recipe out, lemme know!



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