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August monthly spread

Throughout grade school, I loved using an agenda. I lived for using colored pins to color code my classes and moving that flimsy plastic bookmark ruler between pages every week. In college, I used Moleskines and loved my highlighting system to keep track of exams, club events, and personal life. My agenda was my baby, and when I graduated, I relied — miraculously enough — on my memory until there were too many things happening to keep track of.

TL;DR I researched every post-school agenda/planner in the market for months and didn’t find one that fit me quite right. Enter the Bullet Journal: The create your own planner where literally every page is a chance to start over and try something new.

I’ve been using this system for over a year now, and it wasn’t until four months ago that I figured out what worked for me. I like having a monthly view at the beginning of my monthly spreads so I can see what’s going on upon first glance.

Next, I like having a habit tracker and expense tracker to keep tabs on what I’m doing, how much I’m spending, and when.


The key has yet to be filled out as I have yet to decide which colors to use to mark what kind of expense each purchase is (food, car, clothes/etc, entertainment, personal, other). This month, I’m testing out the monthly gratitude log.


I have a habit of abandoning and keeping up with things like this, so hopefully I stick with it. We’ll see how it turns out at the end of the month. Since I use two pages for my weekly spreads, I ended up filling the facing page with an abridged list of produce that’s in season. A little late, but whatever.

Are you into bullet journaling? If so, what do your spreads look like? Lemme know!


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